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Ninth Womb

Set on utter ruin the pledges of the past. Grasp the beauty of the unknown through unraveling mysteries of the mind and heart. Rival cringes in the dark as fringes of LOVE cater to nothing more than hope of a forlorn creature guided on brief states of illusions to once again replenish hidden vogues of perfection set amidst the pains of youth a memory once again meets and melts the stern edifice of tomorrow: then is now and now is forever. Take heart of your wounded soul, then is nothing more than somebody else’s dream. Forever has it may seen slid through the shadows of the past a bleeding trail of sorrow learned on a gallows is there you in the place of mindless stare: behold the confines of love long forever been forgotten; here now are you concurred to be bewitched.

Lurk at the clock how has the time gone and where has your sould been. Memory severe you best as to induce a bit of pain, how beauty has convulge within your infinite threshold – uncaptured are you – never has been seen the dew of a petal, who owns it the mist or the flower.
Waves haunt like the sweet gentle touch of a mother to her child. Giant thy hand her new found stinge of frost, oh would it be a shame to bite the ghastly face of her’s reflection with a shrugged of smile.
A story long fortold is now the buried told, hourglass again behold-different. Welcome to my abode
Here there through and through, lavish the grape bitten have anew a bathing calf are you. Realize what a due; Found in the cycles of what you call home could never more you be scorn – for with you I grant sight – May what you see grant you delight. If hidden through the walls of time is truth. Know this your hands your limbs were was once mine you be ever lost in the ravages of what you see – Hear this hear my plea. Never has I seen such desperate motions of wide eyed BABY.


me with a painting aptlt entitled “The Perfect One”.
via PicsArt Photo Studio

Psychonaut HeartStream – (YOTS) – #4

Like a stolen sadness, There lurks a mystery within us all. Hidden between smiles and high-fives. Truth of the matter is questions lay at our subconscious. “How is it possible?” You ask yourself first thing in the mourning. Then suddenly a mask starts to set in to your sou – occupies your face; leading to vacuum inside your subconscious. So have a glimpse of the time before light froze to be colors.

The start of all this is a leap unto a self-dug hole. Out-of-boredom not? But fatal crash of opinions of who you are that kiss the Yellow Sun. Did you create your own reality. I say no?… I say Yes?… How does one who have jump right in to fall actually finds himself ascending, Expectations are set by a High standard of Principles of those who have – Have fallen unto their abysses…

Alright I say the following statement don’t matter, once you feel the breeze pushing you right behind. Must say I, do you suppose, that everything is governed by being against (something). But there is no need for that; what really matters is how much you are willing to sacrifice for a bit of truth. Truth that you already have – A prism, a frozen light. Negativity is seldom, once you have this in your hands. Does it involve proper circulation – of course. Irony looks good with ebony how much more if you hit it with a righteous hand. Sadness; now you have it for yourself. Make music to let you see, hear, taste, smell & feel – This Prism… …This void. Nothing is real ’till it hurts.

Psychonaut HeartStream #3 -YOTS(Year of the Snake)

Time unwrapped within the balance of Diabolos. How to regain? Just clamor for more gradual change. Follow along the path that takes you further and further unto the hands of your keen understanding of who you are. Remind yourself a spoon is not an airplane, a paper is not an actual Aves, a bicycle is not for sending you away, an apple can be eaten unsliced – then, where are you now?

Sometimes the moon cries for help too. Gain understanding in the art of letting go. Hold your breath don’t close your eyes; Make your bones cotton. Absorb everything not according to perceiving Hope… but what really is. Time is Perfect: Lavishly lain in Gold adorned in Scarlet Rubies. Conquer the stereotypes. Doesn’t hurt to make yourself forget about how you came up with a smile today. Don’t worry about the moon. Your smile…, it’s there.

Routine, Routine everything Routine. Is it time? Think Gravity – Customize it. Respect each others pace. Sacrifice a step for someone (Walk along side…). Your strides may never be the same but it is all worth it. Another smile perhaps, …all for Artemis to ponder on. Grasp with an unembarrassed mind. Stir the silence a little more. Photographs and photographs… Where was I? Cling to no one else: but to a Sacrificed step. All so true, you were Loved. Look closely at the moon a familiar Smile… [Mother’s]. “Eyes that beheld beauty are made blind to cling remotely to a forlorn effort of yesterday, left dangling on the emerald kisses of silver lain Romantics”

Psychonaut HeartStream #2 -year of the Snake

Tarnished dreams are not regrettable aspirations but a fuel to spur you on to Greatness. Dreams vary in degrees, Let it be known… then let it be shown. Who you are now is a decision. Relevant is hope. Hope to carry on with truth, silence and staple justice. Ruling within us all is Imperfection. Just know that each drop of querie to the Infinite is a mild Coherence of ‘broken’ dreams.

     How is it possible that both dreams; your and mine are the same? Keenly apprehend lies and heap them up, just enough to make you see reality. What’s real to you; What is real to me is not the same. But ‘pushing through’ is what makes us human, again imperfection. Dream aspired by Hope. See that all in all it is not just about achieving dreams or even losing one. What matters most is Relevance – again Hope. Stir yourself then find chaos, this is not the Ultimate Dream. Dreams don’t scratch the surface – Portals of Elaborate Truth: We are ‘ONE’.

     Strength that goes to Distance. Stretch your mind, is it not that we as a Civilization has gone so convoluted to lesser degrees of ourselves. That we fail to see clearly what’s ahead of us. Silence: Unity in Mind… Hope, Trust and Staple Justice. What’s ahead of you now may be what’s ‘is’ behind others. But know this Dreams are not fully realized once you think you’ve gain the total Truth – Starve Yourself with Truth.

Psychonaut Heart Stream #1 -year of the Snake

The realm of silence is seldom grasped. Truth is also silence. Love is silence. Shrieks are perhaps utterances failing to conjure on the hope that silence is apprehended. Love and truth is born in the absence of silence. Noise as it is deafening, So is also silence. Where does silence really reside.

     At your waking state realize that you are silence… Steps done to achieve something you already have create colors – Hit by the Light. Light you are; Light that is in everyone. Sin is no more. Silence is between us all binds us together. Movements create piercing joyful sound. Realize you are sound – Clean, Pure and Serene. What color is Sound? What color is Silence?

     Share the moment of truth within Silence; Try not to smile. Difficult right! Smile with your eyes. ‘Sync yourself with a Stranger, Don’t worry it’s O.K. Born unto anonymity, is you, are “now” your own Hero; Everybody Mutated. Now you can smile… Key to the Ancient Knowledge is not hard to find. Ask yourself how does my heart beat today. Stay Silent and Breath. “I LOVE THE WORLD, WORLD LOVES ME” – Sound breaks silence. Silence is Alive. You are Free! See the colors bloom. 


Psychonaut HeartStream #2

Truth can be misleading when you virtualize everything then, numbness takes over. Being set adrift unto realms of thought that never really grant you peace.

          Segregate time you’ll see your self compartmentalized and the moment you make a move to break free. People seem to be distant. Create a balance.

          Know that distance is necessary. Growth is made filial when life is set in bloom. There is no hope for a stubborn kid, bent on mesmerizing  the moon. There could be no greater Reality than a heart that’s beating for Kindness. Shedding mildness is a gift that must be well paced and solidified. Paced – consistent in words, actions and poise. Solidify – Emphasize an intent that comes from light.

       The light it flows beyond the dark. You see cleansing yourself is truth. As much as the allure of the dark is hypnotizing, Nothing compares to the sensation of hitting HOME.

       Steps begins to be placed on clouds. Before you know it your being set Free. “Your it!” Play with ‘them’. Be discrete  By then you know your not alone. Decide for yourself: Kid or Adult. Remember no pressure.